You Can Help

Grand Valley Region Citizens for a National Park hopes everyone will take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity to help create the nation’s 60th national park.   Creating a national park is democracy at it’s finest, a lesson anyone from 5 to 105 can take to heart.  You can make a difference!  

What to do:

Citizens and Businesses:

The best way for citizens or  businesses  to show their support is to review  the facts and research on  If you have any questions at all please use the “Ask a question” feature and we will respond to you ASAP.   Finally, if you believe as we do,  that our Colorado National Monument is worthy of park status and sharing with the world…send a letter of support to Congressman Scott Tipton and Senator Mark Udall.   Their offices  are commendably  working together on this exciting  bipartisan endeavor.  It’s very important that they hear from constituents first hand.    It’s simple!  A sample letter of support  along with contact links and addresses  are provided on the right hand column of this page.   Just click on  ” Letter of  Support” under the  “links” section.  You can copy and paste it right to the legislator’s contact page,  then add your name.



If you are part of an organization you can send lawmakers  the same letter of support  on the left hand side of this page to represent your membership or, if you choose,  many organizations have also drafted and voted to adopt resolutions of support.  If you would like GVRCNP to make a presentation to your group or organization we are always happy to do so.  Contact us at 260-5242 or e-mail at at


Strong  leadership and unflagging community support won monuments like  Great Sand Dunes,  Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Arches,  Grand Teton and the Grand Canyon  National Park status.  With your help, vision and leadership  the Colorado National Monument could join their ranks as a national park, a gift locals and visitors alike will continue to  love and enjoy for generations to come.

Welcome to Grand Valley Region Citizens for a National Park