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February , 2013


Senator Mark Udall                                                                        Congressman Scott Tipton

400 Rood Avenue #100                                                               225 North 5th Street, Suite 702

Grand Junction, CO 81501                                                           Grand Junction, CO 81501


Re:  Re-designation of the Colorado National Monument


Dear Senator Udall and Congressman Tipton:

I am a resident of Mesa County, Colorado and a business owner and I strongly encourage you to introduce bi-partisan legislation to re-designate the Colorado National Monument to a National Park.  I believe the re-designation will strengthen our local and regional economy, boost area tourism, give our valley a cutting edge in attracting the most coveted companies and high paying jobs, raise the Grand Valley’s profile both nationally and internationally,  enhance  real estate values and so ensure the protection of our national resource that it would take an act of congress to change its designation or boundaries.  I am a supporter of using the current boundaries without a requirement of expansion.

I will support your efforts to make John Otto’s dream of making this special place a National Park in 2013 and look forward to your introduction of legislation to make Mr. Otto’s dream a reality.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and please confirm your intentions of introducing legislation to re-designate the Colorado National Monument a National Park.


Welcome to Grand Valley Region Citizens for a National Park