Would special events that have used the Monument in the past for non-vehicle use, such as cycling, be allowed the same use if park status was attained?

As per Colorado National Monument Association, special event requests are evaluated on a case by case basis under the criteria of 36 Code of Federal Regulations 36 CFR 2.50 (a) (1), (3), (4), and the 2006 National Park Service Management Policies. These are applied to national monuments and national parks alike. In 2010, Colorado National Monument issued 68 Special Use Permits, including weddings, family reunions, memorial services, Community Hospital’s annual Tour of the Valley cycling event, other cycling events including Ride the Rockies and Tour of Colorado, Mesa State College cycling team’s spring hill climb time trial, Mesa County Technical Search & Rescue Team’s July 4th Independence Monument Climb, Centennial Band Concert and Rim Rock Marathon.  Keep in mind both national parks and national monuments are run under the same guidelines, rules, and regulations.

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