Is it true the re-designation to a national park could impact the city of Fruita’s ability to utilize an old water pipeline that runs from a Glade Park reservoir to the town of Fruita?

No. Though a water pipeline built in the early 1900’s to pipe water from Glade Park reservoirs to the town of Fruita has been raised as an issue, further research lays that controversy to rest. Some time ago the pipeline was determined in very poor repair and any intended measures to access and fix it deemed  prohibitive because of enormous costs, and an extensive Federal permitting and remediation process. Further,  while the City of Fruita has not legally ceded it’s rights to the pipeline,  a vast array of  legal and liability issues well researched by the City of Fruita and National Monument legal staff make it highly doubtful this will arise as a future issue.  The City of Fruita has explored other viable delivery and leasing options in regards to utilizing  its Pinion Mesa water rights should the need arise.   The City of Fruita was among the first to issue a letter in support of re-designating the Colorado National Monument as a National Park.

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