National Park Community Draft Bill (complete draft)

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel has printed a full copy of the community written draft bill to elevate the Colorado National Monument to the nation’s 60th National Park.   The draft was entirely created by the local  five member committee Senator Mark Udall and Congressman Scott Tipton appointed back in June.   Committee members include:  Glade Park Rancher Warren Gore, Michael Burke of the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, Ginny McBride of the Colorado National Monument Association, former Congressional staffer Kristi Pollard, and local business owner and cyclist Jamie Lummis.   Reps. Udall and Tipton released the committee’s draft bill, the first week of April  2014.    We urge all Coloradans to check the full draft provided in the link or review the  bullet points below.    We have a multitude of local leaders, business owners organizations and residents to thank for moving this effort forward to this critical point of draft legislation.  Now, that we’re here your comments are vital to seeing the Monument through to  official national park legislation within the current session.    At the bottom of this page you’ll find direct links to web portals Congressman Tipton and Senator Udall set up specifically to hear feed back and support from locals.  If they receive overwhelming support via these portals we believe the Colorado National Monument will take its rightful place among America’s 59 national parks.  Please take just a moment to help make this happen by contacting a representative and telling them you support making John Otto’s life long dream of a national park finally come true in 2014.

national park community draft official



■  The boundaries of Rim Rock Canyons National Park are the same as Colorado National Monument.

■ Existing rights of way are unaffected; Glade Park access is protected. No federal fund can be used unless they were appropriated before establishment of the park.

■  No buffer zone or protective perimeter around the park

■  The air quality designation for the park will remain Class II under Section 162(b) of the Clean Air Act. It could only change at the request of Mesa County and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

■  Water rights are unaffected

■  Rim Rock Canyons National Park Advisory Committee established with 15 members representing local government, business and industry and Southern Ute Tribe.

■  Memorial to people who built Rim Rock Drive